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This morning i started to playing DayZ. I thougt good idea to go to Sabina and look arround what is new. After i landed ma chooper safly between buildings a i started looting arround. Position was the two industriel buildings. After a few minutes i heard a motobike coming in. I get into a Position and decided to hunt the Driver down. Unfortunaly the npc patrol was on the same as they fly by. The Guy his Name is "Tank" tryed to drive away but he did not make it. What he maked is he logged of. Lol Combatlog by NPC. NOOB!!! The Npc were away and he turned back into game, i seen him running back to his bike and he gets chaced by a "Z". The "Z" kicks him he went down and Combatlogged again. LOL twice a NOOB. I thought ok i gone give it to him and just wait it out. He turned back and Headshoot. :-) I gave him two warnings for combat logging. After this somebody Joint Ts and telled me a Story about a new DayZ mod for Arma three and how you could dupp there stuff. Man what is going on here. Just NOOBS arround.???

This is 10 % luck 20 % skill 15 % konzentrated power of will 5 % plesure 50 % pain and 100% to remember the name.
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